23. How to Add / Remove credit card from AliPay – AliExpress

Author: Aliexpress Maniac
Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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This article is about how to add or remove your credit card from AliPay. When you pay your order on Aliexpress you are offered to save your credit card to AliPay. This function allows you to pay next order without filling all data of your credit card. Sometimes it can happen that you confirm saving your data by accident and then you realize that you don`t want to use this function. But how can you remove the card from the system? Here you will find whole process how to do it.

1. Login to Aliexpress

First log in on your Aliexpress account.Then, in the main panel, click on the My AliPay.

 aliexpress-Registration Alipay 1

2. Registration on Alipay.com

You will see this screen, so click on Open AliPay wallet as you see on picture.

aliexpress-Registration Alipay 2

3. Verification of your e mail address

In the line Email address  write your e-mail address to which you are registered to Aliexpress. For its verification please retype the Code written with blue color as shown  in the illustration below. It does not matter if you write small or big letters. Then click on the Send confirmation email.

aliexpress-Registration Alipay 3

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