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How to buy iPhone on Aliexpress

How to buy iPhone on Aliexpress

Almost everybody has it and most probably you want it as well. But you don`t want to spend such a high amount of money on it. What am I talking about? Yes, it iPhone. Aliexpress¬†sells many good eletronic devices , so you can find there also your dream phone ūüôā Prices are much more cheaper then in official Apple store. And because I have the same interest as you, so I have prepared a summary of reviews of the best sellers iPhone 5S, 5c, 5 and 4S by customer rating and by our own experience. It is clear that a lot of sellers on Aliexpress sell replicas of the iPhone,but today we will help you to identify these fake¬†phone models.



Top rated stores for buying iPhone at Aliexpress

Below you will find shops that focus on selling smart phones. Click on the Aliexpress link and enter the store.

  1. Sunshine Technology – this store has an excellent reputation and offers a whole range of iPhone (4S, 5c, 5, 6) and also other mobile accessories.
  2. Big Home Рhighly recommended is this store is to buy iPhone 6
  3. Goldway Рthis store is highly recommended also for other brand smartphones. In my opinion the best deal on the sale of mobile phones is definitely Goldway Aliexpress. Not only does it have a good reputation, the products have also excellent quality and they have great attitude, when communicatin with customers. Therefore, this store was awarded the top score by Aliexpress. Goldway is very reliable store and offers a wide variety of phones.


Sleeves, cases and accessories for iPhone 4, 5, 6 and iPad

If you’ve chosen and purchased your dream iPhone, so it will still need various accessories, such as housing, charger, headphones and more. In this case, We recommend store¬†RCD Technology. This seller¬†has an excellent reputation and high quality products.



Why are iPhones on Aliexpress so cheap?

Certainly, each of you have asked yourself same¬†question: “Why are the iPhones on Aliexpress so cheap?” According to our¬†research we¬†can say tha iPhones from Aliexpress are modified in some way. It may be a phone on which they had to replace the cover, screen or other part and for that reason it came from the factory with a better price.


How to choose a reliable store?

If you choose another store than which we recommended above, please do not forget the main rules that you have to do, before you buy your new iPhone.

  1. Look at seller ratings. (Article How to choose the right seller)
  2. Read reviews/feedback from customers who have already done purchase
  3. Contact the seller and ask about what you are interested in. If the seller does not respond, then it is your indicator that you should look for another store.



aliexpress-iphone 6


What kind of question you should ask the seller before purchase? 

We have prepared for you example of questions. You can add your own questions if needed.

Dear seller,

I am interested in buying one of your model iPhone 6 and I would like to ask you:

1 – Is the iPhone 6 100% original or is it a replica?

2 – Is the iPhone 6 brand new or reconditioned?

Thank you in advance


Surely some of you wondering, what do I do when the phone stops working? This of course can happen. Likewise, it can happen also to you on the phone purchased in your country. On mobile phones bought in your country¬†also you do not have a lifetime warranty and this electronics will die anyway in some time, whether it is original or fake. Each product must be handeled¬†as consumer goods. Many of my friends have iPhone, and most of them have broken the entire display with one fall. To fix the display on iPhone display is much more expensive, than completely new iPhone from Aliexpress ūüôā At Aliexpress you an be high quality phones for lower prices. The most important is to choose reliable seller with great phone rating.

W’ll be glad if you share with us¬†your Aliexpress phone experiences . Please do not hesitate to write comments under this article or discussion on www.AliManic.com. For more reviews please check our facebook page Ali Maniac – Photos and Tips.¬†



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