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Is it worth shopping on Aliexpress on 11.11.2021? Truth, myths, questions

Is it worth shopping on Aliexpress on 11.11.2021? Truth, myths, questions

We created this article because myths are spreading very quickly by inexperienced shoppers on social networks. Read this article to the end if you want to know the truth about the questions:

  • Is it worth shopping at Aliexpress on 11.11?
  • What is the truth and how to double check it?
  • Are Aliexpress sellers pulling the leg?
  • What is a fake discount?
  • Does the seller really offer us 90% discounts?
  • Will the goods arrive by Christmas?

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This article is not intended to persuade you to purchase 11.11 on Aliexpress. Make your own opinion and verify the information by yourself. Trusting inexperienced shoppers is shortsighted. See yourself what is true and do not buy at all costs just because it is a discount day. Believe, that we also try to buy as cheap as possible. Most of the products that we ordered November 11 were purchased from certified Aliexpress sellers. These sellers did not pointlessly adjust their prices and delivered the goods by Christmas.

For the best price you can buy only if you compare prices, what were in the past, what they are now and what will be 11.11. Adding extension AliSuperstar to Chrome, Mozilla, or Opera is a simple way to view price history on Aliexpress. On Aliexpress you can see a price graph for each product with these super tools. It’s the best and fastest way to find out the truth about a fictitious discount. And if it is disadvantageous to buy goods, please do not buy it just because it is a discount day. Of course, do not forget on coupons, which are very important during this event. Coupons will create a discount even higher even goods are not discounted that much. Think twice, compare and evaluate before any purchase


Graf AliSuperstar cenova historie 1111 2019 shopping festival CZ mikinaa


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Of course there are shoppers who boycott 11.11. And just because someone said that 11.11 there are no discounts. They never verified the information, and this myth spreads happily like hoax. And just because some smart lady on Facebook wrote it, so it’s definitely must be “true”. By checking your price history, you know right away whether you are buying at a discount or not.

It is important to make the right choice, as there are 77,000 retailers, 100 million products on Aliexpress. It might be hard to find good sellers with real discounts. So be careful and use propper tools during shopping.

But who say, that there are no discounts on 11.11, must be really new buyer on Alixepress with no experience. We bought more than 70 items last year, used all possible coupons and saved more than 150 euros in real value and real discount. Just use Alisuperstar.

Myths over the Internet

Here is a real example of a post from Facebook. User asks:

[su_quote]  Hi, I would like to ask your opinion whether it is worth shopping 11.11 at Aliexpress. Are there any discounts or it’s just marketing? [/su_quote]

Below are answers that confuse others and create myths around 11.11 discounts on Aliexpress.

[su_quote] It makes sense to wait after 13.11. Then the sellers will lower the prices they have already raised. Like “awesome Sales” [/su_quote]

[su_quote] It pays to wait, now they have highest prices for most goods. [/su_quote]

[su_quote] Things are offered cheaper but half of the items will never come [/su_quote]

[su_quote] Now artificially increased all prices, soon 11.11. they would “discount” so it doesn’t pay off [/su_quote]

[su_quote] Business actions, no discount … [/su_quote]

An answer from an experienced shopper who has been shopping in China for years.

[su_quote] True. This tells people who buy items very rare and dont understand, how to buy with great deal.  They even not use coupons, which can downloaded daily. Or they see a picture of the  item but they don’t compare that offer with another 10 sellers, where it may be cheaper. [/su_quote]


Is it worth shopping at Aliexpress on 11.11?

YES. This is only worthwhile, if you use a historical price chart and Aliexpress coupons designed for 11.11. In the article about 11.11 we gave examples of real and fake discounts. Here is a direct link to these examples of discounts.

What is the truth and how to check it all?

You can check this using price history on your Aliexpress SuperStar.


Are sellers pulling our leg?

Some certainly pull, but there is no need to throw them all in one bag. For example, here is a selection of goods from 30 retailers, where we found great prices on 11/11.


What is a fake discount?

Some sellers will raise the price (mostly on 30.10) before the discount day, to reduce the price on 11.11. This creates the impression that the price is much reduced and so you want to buy the goods in huge sale. Of course, using the price chart can easily detect this unfair practice of some sellers.


Does the sellers really offer us 90% discounts?

There are no 90% discounts as they say. But with a history price chart and a coupon for this promotion, you get uo to 50%. It all depends on the product and the coupons you have.


Will the goods arrive by Christmas?

This is a very difficult question and nobody can guarantee that the goods will be able to arrive by Christmas. On the other hand, we can say from our own experience that out of 80 orders we have received 85% of them. Order was placed on 11/11



What should I do if I want to shop & save on 11.11.?

  1. Installing the Aliexpress Superstar add-on – link to install it here
  2. Check the price history of the products – you will verify that you will not buy at a higher price than you have to
  3. Choose the right shipping, whether you don’t have to deal with customs declarations or postage fees – choose Aliexpress Standard Shipping (Applies to the states of the European Union)
  4. Add items to cart
  5. Get discount coupons on the Aliexpress website (before 11/11) or use our coupons above
  6. Checking the goods in the basket on 11.11
  7. Check if discount coupons have been applied
  8. Pay – if you can’t pay, try again later. The system is sometimes overloaded. Alternatively, check the limit on your card.


If you have any questions about 11.11. or shopping at Aliexpress in general, please use comments below this article. thanks


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