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Gearbest Sale on 11.11.2019 – Information and buying tips

Gearbest Sale on 11.11.2019 – Information and buying tips

You`ve heard about GearBest from our articles and reviews. So you know that we have a very good experience with buying electronics at GearBest.  We want to remind you GearBest sales day on 11.11.2019! It is worth to shop there electronics all year round and 11.11. it is even more preferred. The products are of the same quality as in our country, but at a much lower price. You can save up to several thousand on one product.

If you would like to check the price history of a given product, use the browser add-on called GearBest STAR – Price History and Coupons. Thanks to this add-on you will see what the price of the product was eg a month ago and what it is now. In addition, this accessory is also available with special discount coupons that will also come in handy when shopping.

Now let’s see what GearBest has prepared for 2019!


GearBest has prepared a program for its customers since 4.11.-11.11.2019! You can earn lots of coupons and points!

See a special shopping guide where you can get coupons and points directly at GearBest. This year you will become a treasure hunters. Treasures are hidden everywhere on GearBest. Just go through the e-shop, the treasure will show up and just click on it. So far we have always won some coupons or points.

GearBest 11.11.2019 coupons points shopping sale

GearBest 11.11.2019 coupons points shopping sale win

11.11.2019 you have the chance to spin the wheel and win products. So in this case, definitely come to GearBest and try to spin.


How do I use GearBest Points?

Earning points on GearBest really pays off.

With collected points you can:

  1. Use the collected points to reduce the price of the product
  2. Redeem points for coupons
  3. Exchange points for product
  4. Win a big prize

GearBest 11.11.2019 coupons points shopping sale deals


Do you want to now how many points you already have? Just check your My Points section. For a detailed description of how and for what points you earn, check out GearBest directly.


What is Lucky Bag?

Do you like surprises? Lucky Bag is made for you! It’s a mysterious purse in which you don’t know what’s wrapped inside. You cannot choose the contents of the Lucky Bag. But you can count on the fact that there are only premium products inside. Lucky Bag is also about paying less than the real value of the products inside.

GearBest Lucky Bags shopping sale 1111

All you know in advance about the content of the purse is the category of the products. e.g. Outdoors, Fitness and Sports.


We have been shopping at GearBest for a long time, so we have written a lot of reviews on the purchased items. You can find the best products on our webside in section GearBest. There you will find reviews such as robotic vacuum cleaners, mobile phones, hairdryer, pocket projector and more.


For example, if you like the Xiaomi brand, here is a link to that brand and its action products.

The great advantage of shopping at GearBest is the possibility of ordering goods from a European warehouse. And what does this mean for you? You will not wait a month for your order and do not have to pay duty.


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