Gearbest Sale on 11.11.2019 – Information and buying tips

You`ve heard about GearBest from our articles and reviews. So you know that we have a very good experience with buying electronics at GearBest. ...
Return repair refund warranty gearbest dispute ENG

2. Complaint: The GearBest warranty protects the customer in every situation

In this article, we've focused on how you can claim goods at GearBest and when you will be refunded. It may happen that you...
gearBest-Price-history coupons discounted

4. GearBest price history and promo coupons

If you don`t like artificially created discounts you should use special extension. Shoppers on Aliexpress are already using addon called Aliexpress Superstar. If you...
Android kapesni projektor projector Aliexpress Gearbest review ENG

H96-P DLP Android Pocket Projector Review

Do you enjoy showing your photos to your family or friends? Do you sometimes want to watch a movie, but you do not have...

GearBest Coupons – UPDATED every day

Recently, we have been supplying you with various discounts on the foreign e-shop Gearbest, which offers a wide range of goods at quite attractive...
GearBest points how to use savings ENG

6. GearBest points and how to use them

You also feel like you're still collecting points, but you do not have any of it? So this is not really the case. GearBest...
reviews of robotic vacuum cleaners aliexpress gearbest ilife ENG

iLife Robotic Vacuum Comparison – V5, V5S PRO, X5, V7, V7S, A4, A4s, A6

Robotic vacuum cleaners are a practical, convenient and fun way to clean your home. Sometimes the high price can discourage their purchase, but fortunately...
Phone mobile holder GearBest Aliexpress review ENG

Magnetic phone holders in the car – review

Do you own a cell phone and drive cars a lot? You absolutely need this kind of mobile phone holder. We've tested three types...
How to shop on GearBest

1. How to shop on GearBest

GearBest is a popular Chinese wholesaler who focuses on electronics but also other products such as clothing, toys, sports equipment, household accessories or tools....
Review on hair dryer GearBest

Hair dryer review from GearBest

Most of us use a hair dryer almost every day and it does not matter if you are man or woman. You can find...
Bluetooth portable speakers aliexpress gearbest ENG

Portable speakers, bluetooth, radio, SD from Aliexpress and GearBest

I will introduce you wireless speakers, with which you can listen to music with your friends and enjoy it full and without headphones! In the...
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