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Aliexpress Celebrates 11th Anniversary – Is It Worth Shopping?

Aliexpress Celebrates 11th Anniversary – Is It Worth Shopping?

41. Vyroci na Aliexpress 11th kupony sleva sm


Aliexpress celebrates 11 years since starting its business. And he has prepared games, coupons and discounts for you. Do you shop at Aliexpress regularly? You may know that during  Anniversary Sale is good to take a look at the price history of the product. Many shoppers use the Aliexpress Superstar browser add-on, which will show you the prices of goods for the previous period. Some sellers  increase the prices of products before the sales promotions so that they can decrease them on the day of the sales. The advantage of these discount promotions is mainly discount coupons. We have prepared unique coupons for you in the article.

1. When are the discounts on Aliexpress?


Anniversary sale will take place from March 29, 2021 12:00 AM PT –  April 2, 2021 11:59 PM PT. Add the products to the cart now and get coins, for which you will then receive discount coupons.

Alliexpress vyroci slevy kupony nakupovani kdy


We recommend buying at the beginning of the event, because sometimes sellers have a limited amount of goods available.


2. Discount coupons exclusively for you

We have provided these coupons exclusively for our users. So you don’t have to collect any coins or play games. Here are:

Coupons for All buyers (All Non-CIS countries):

4$ OFF 30$ with Code: ALIAN4
7$ OFF 50$ with Code: ALIAN7
9$ OFF 90$ with Code: ALIAN9
11$ OFF 110$ with Code: ALIAN11

4$ OFF 35$ with Code: ANNIV05
7$ OFF 50$ with Code: FRPA32807
8$ OFF 60$ with Code: FRAE8
12$ OFF 100$ with Code: FRPA32812

All you have to do is meet the minimum spending limit and enter a discount code when paying.

[su_button url=”https://campaign.aliexpress.com/wow/gcp/ae/channel/ae/accelerate/upr?spm=a2g0o.tm800004660.9316458070.2.2aba8d7fYCJt2A&wh_pid=ae/channel/ae/Coupon_Center/_Couponcenter2020&wh_weex=true&_immersiveMode=true&wx_navbar_hidden=true&wx_navbar_transparent=true&ignoreNavigationBar=true&wx_statusbar_hidden=true” background=”#ef2d52″ icon_color=”#e4111e”]Link to Aliexpress action coupons [/su_button]


3. How you can get discount coupons


a) by collecting coins and exchanging for coupons

b) click on GET MORE to get Select coupon

Select coupon aliexpress 11.11. ziskat kupon


c) on this page you can get Store coupon

d) play games and get an Aliexpress coupon


Where and how you can use the individual coupons are summarized in the clear table below.


Aliexpress coupon anniversary sale eng



★ How to use discount coupons
Do you want to know the difference between individual Aliexpress coupons? Take a look at our How to use discount coupons.


4. Faster delivery. 3-10 days!

During this anniversary, you will buy goods from European warehouses with free shipping. In addition, it will be delivered to you within 3-10 days. These goods are duty free for higher value shipments because you shop within the EU.

Alliexpress vyroci slevy kupony nakupovani rychle doruceni


[su_button url=”https://campaign.aliexpress.com/wow/gcp/ae/channel/ae/accelerate/tupr?spm=a2g0o.tm800005043.8899646700.1.1fed293295OmT1&wh_weex=true&_immersiveMode=true&wx_navbar_hidden=true&wx_navbar_transparent=true&ignoreNavigationBar=true&wx_statusbar_hidden=true&wh_pid=ae/mega/ae/2021anniversary/overseas_house&productIds” background=”#ef2d52″ icon_color=”#e4111e”] Products with fast delivery and up to 60% discount [/su_button]


5. What is Spend & Save?

Some sellers participated in the Spend & Save activity during the 11th anniversary of Aliexpress. Spend & Save is a discount that applies only to selected products and sellers. For every US $ 30 you spend, you get a US $ 3 discount.

a) If you see a “US $ 3 off every US $ 30 spent” or “Spend & Save” label on a product, you will receive a discount. For every US $ 30 you spend, you get a US $ 3 discount.

b) Add the products to the cart. If you do not have enough products in the cart to take advantage of the discount, you will see a notification. The total price does not include the price for postage, tax or other additional costs.

c) When you’re ready to pay, the discount will be automatically applied to the order. Simple and easy!

d) This special offer can be combined with other discounts and coupons

e) Make sure you meet all the conditions to get a discount so that you do not lose it. Also, beware of changes between currencies, for example. If you buy products, for example, in dollars, but pay for an order in euros, this may cause discrepancies in the required minimum amount for spending to use the discount.

f) In case of return and refund of the products purchased with this offer, we will return you the amount after the discount. This means, if you purchased 3 items and want to return 1 item, you will be refunded the amount after discount for the returned item only. You still saved on other items.


Alliexpress vyroci slevy kupony nakupovani spend and save


[su_button url=”https://sale.aliexpress.com/__pc/spendsave_userguide.htm?spm=a2g0o.tm800005132.9132151290.1.10004499R9jwdb” background=”#ef2d52″ icon_color=”#e4111e”]More information about Spend & Save [/su_button]

6. Special deals

Below is a link directly to promotional items, where the discount is up to 70%. Don’t forget to check the price history according to the Aliexpress Superstar chart. In the picture you can see what the price history chart looks like.

Alliexpress vyroci slevy kupony nakupovani cesky graf cenova historie D


[su_button url=”https://campaign.aliexpress.com/wow/gcp/ae/channel/ae/accelerate/tupr?spm=a2g0o.best.Sale_mainvenue.16.f04a2c259DyoKv&wh_weex=true&_immersiveMode=true&wx_navbar_hidden=true&wx_navbar_transparent=true&ignoreNavigationBar=true&wx_statusbar_hidden=true&wh_pid=ae/mega/ae/2021anniversary/Anniversarysale_Mainvenue_328&&scm=1007.31960.216286.0&scm_id=1007.31960.216286.0&scm-url=1007.31960.216286.0&pvid=9dc70e9c-f029-4ebd-a336-0b8e987a516e” icon_color=”#e4111e”]Deals by category [/su_button]





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