Pokémon GO on Aliexpress – 11 FAVORITE TIPS from CHINA

Author: Aliexpress Maniac
Monday, August 19, 2019

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I remember Pokémon from my childhood as a game, but it still was not widespread in mobile phones, GPS and virtual world. It was a true mania, but within certain limits. As you can see, Pokémon is back again in a contemporary design. Do you know what the word means Pokémon? It comes from Japan – Poketto Monsutá – Pocket Monsters. The first game published by Nintendo for Game Boy. Today, the game can be downloaded on mobile phones running Androind or iOS. The best part about this game is, that it will take you outside. Yes, you still look to the mobile phone, but at least you do not sit at home only. This game will really lift you out of the chair, so it is the fitness application. We also recommend to catch Pokémon in a group or at least two players. You will meet other people, so it is more fun. Read the article to the end! We got a great tip for you – Search for other things in the style of Pokémon!

What do you need to play?

If you want to try this game, download it to your phone or tablet to get started. Here is a list of the most important things you need for this game.

  1. Mobile Phone or Tablet 
  2. Charged battery  – Please read this article about Power Bank from Aliexpress.
  3. GPS signal
  4. Stable internet
  5. Time

Set for fans of Pokémon Go

As best fans of this game, you should have a decent fan gear. We have prepared for you a few Aliexpress tips, that you should not miss at home. And if  you did not play this game, but your friends do, it good inspiration to buy them a great gift.

T-shirt in the style

When you’re headed to hunt, you should have proper dress in pokémon style. On AliExpress is a large variery of women’s and men’s shirts with Pokémon topic. There you will find T-shirts with funny titles and for girls something sexy. Look at the range of T-shirts.

aliexpress-pokemon go tricko damske aliexpress             aliexpress-pokemon go tricko panske aliexpress


Necklace or keychain Pokémon Go

Your set of accessories can be enriched  by chain with pendant. Gentlemen can buy keychain  with the same pattern. On AliExpress you can find various of other designs and patterns.

aliexpress-klicenka retizek pokemon go aliexpress            aliexpress-klicenka retizek pokemon go aliexpress 2

Pokémon Ball – toy with surprise

Your kids will enjoy this toy, even when not playing Pokémon Go. It is similar kinder egg, but without the chocolate. So that dietary form of Kinder eggs 🙂 Choose from Pokémon balls on AliExpress. There you will find a variety of colors with different Pokémon, just pick your favorite.

aliexpress-pokemon go ball aliexpress 2            aliexpress-pokemon go ball aliexpress 3 

Baseball caps

These caps have original embroidery or prints, so every Pokémon maniac will be super excited to have it. Look for a wide range of caps on AliExpress.

aliexpress-ksiltovky pokemon go aliexpress                     aliexpress-ksiltovky pokemon go aliexpress 2



Great for Pokémon Maniacs  as fashion accessory of great as gift for your friends, when searching 🙂 Badges will be delivered in a beautiful box, so you can lost them. Check out the beautifully colored badges from AliExpress.

aliexpress-pokemon odznaky aliexpress        aliexpress-pokemon odznaky aliexpress 2

Continue on PAGE 2, where  you will find another favorite Pokémon GO tips …

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