Power Bank Xiaomi Mi from Aliexpress Review


One of the most used phone accessories are external batteries. They are used to charge the phone when you’re away from home, traveling or you do not have access to electricity network when camping. We have found that Xiaomi Mi Power Bank is one of the best Power Bank and best valued in the market. It`s good to know that you can buy this Xiaomi Mi Power Bank on AliExpress for very affordable prices and much cheaper than from local country resellers.


What is Xiaomi Mi Power Bank?

Chinese Brand Xiaomi has not only a wide range of smartphones, but also large range of gadgets with very high quality, including Power Bank. There are several models depending on the mAh (milliamp hours). The following quote from low to milliamps (ie, from lowest to highest capacity). And of course, all five models are available on AliExpress. Click on link for redirection to Aliexpress.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5 000

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10 000

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10 400

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank  16 000

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20 000  ( NEW GENERATION – the latest and most innovative Power Bank )


These Power Bank batteries are the best among sellers in the online platforms for its good quality. Since evolution of Xiaomi is constant, they now offers models with a capacity four times greater than their first model on the market. Important is, that there is no extra weight or size with new models. Only better performance.


Best sellers Xiaomi Mi Power Bank on AliExpress

To make it easier, then we show four of the best stores offering Xiaomi external batteries. Our links will redirect you not just to the store but also to directly to Powerbank section. Here are the BEST AliExpress sellers for Power Bank: 

We believe that all sellers above have an excellent rating, so do not worry about your purchase.  And of course, do not forget that almost all vendors offer free shipping, which is also important for final price.



Question 1: Will it fit to my pocket?

YES. The weight is really low comparing to benefits of this gadget. The rounded design helps to carry in a purse or pocket without realizing they are carrying.


Question 2: What can you do with Power Bank?

You can recharge any device that uses USB cable for this purpose. Compatibility is very high, since it is valid for any Android and iOS. You can also charge GO PRO baterries and charger , camera batteries when traveling, tablets, iPod, PS Vita. All you need is simple USB cable.


Question 3: How many times can I rechanrge my iPhone or Samsung?

When we talk about number of possible recharges, You are  able to do it 6 times for  iPhone 6. The same for Samsung Galaxy S6 . All depents on model and generation of Xiaomi Mi PowerBank . All should be covered by life warranty.


Question 4: Am I able to charge two devices at one time?

Models of new generation have increased slots for extra USB slot, so you are able to charge two devices at one time 😉


How the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank works?

Once connected to a charger, it has 4 LEDs that indicate the level of battery charge. We recommend using a 2 amp charger. So the charge the Power Bank much faster. If you use only 1 amper charger, it will take at least twice longer.  The relation is directly proportional.


xiaomi Power Bank Aliexpress


Price comparison AliExpress vs Europe resellers

If you use multiple gadgets on a daily basis, you should not even think about it. You just need to have it. Investment in this external battery is very small, and can save you from many troubles. Before talking about price, you have to know that, there are many imitations around for different vendors, and AliExpress is no exception. But YES, we have found large number of batteries are 100% original  from Xiaomi.

A trick to know if the product is not genuine is to check the technical specifications. If the seller says it’s original, you should trust them.  And if they have the stamp of authenticity guarantee, that you can be 100% sure about the originality of product. 


Genuine Aliexpress


We know, that money savings is important for all users and shopping on Aliexpress is much cheaper, than in rest of the world.  This is like everything, the higher the capacity will cost more and more it costs, but also cite the latest model, the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20000 , it is available for about 30 euros, depending on the vendor. Take a tour of other platforms and compare yourself.



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