Every year in November, AliExpress celebrates its Singles Day, and this year is no exception! From November 11, 2023, to November 17, 2023, you can take advantage of great promotions and discount codes. To make your shopping even more efficient, we recommend using AliExpress Superstar, a very useful browser tool that saves you money by showing you the price history of all products for over 8 years. This way, you can find out which seller is truly offering a genuine discount, not just a made-up one. You can find the tool on the website www.alisuperstar.com.

Try AliSuperstar

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Add this Extension to these browsers on your computer (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera & Edge):


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1. Selected products with up to 50% off:

On this link, you will find the first selection of offers with up to 50% off. Take a look! The early bird catches the worm.

2. $4 off for every $20 spent (max. $16 per order):

You’ll save $4 for every $20 spent on shopping. The maximum discount per order is $16.



3. Universal discount codes – apply at Checkout:

  • Code: AEUS8
    • Discount: $8 on purchases over $50
  • Code: US15
    • Discount: $15 on purchases over $100
  • Code: US30
    • Discount: $30 on purchases over $200
  • Code: AEUS40
    • Discount: $40 on purchases over $250
  • Code: US60
    • Discount: $60 on purchases over $300

During the promotion, AliExpress tends to add new discount codes, and we will gradually add them here. So, keep an eye on this article or bookmark it in your browser for quick access.
Update: Newly obtained codes – functional and tested

11SALE8 — $8 off $50 (this code is used in the image below)
11SALE15 — $15 off $100
11SALE30 — $30 off $200
11SALE40 — $40 off $250
11SALE50 — $50 off $300
11SALE100 — $100 off $500


4. AliExpress Superstar – Browser Tool:

AliExpress Superstar is a useful browser tool that helps you get an overview of the price history of all products. It provides information about the true value of the product and helps to determine whether it is a real discount or just a trick to boost sales during the discount day. Be careful to always shop as cheaply as possible.

5. Validity of codes:

All universal codes are valid from November 11 to November 17, giving you enough time to take advantage of these great discounts.
Discount codes, along with the AliExpress Superstar tool, will help you maximize savings and gain a transparent view of the price history of products. For the Czech market, this is the only tool that collects prices for its users in this way every day. Most of our users already use it, so if you’re not among them, you have nothing to lose by trying. Everything is, of course, free.

What should I do if I want to shop on 11.11.?

  1. Install the AliExpress Superstar extension – link to installation here
  2. Do not use any Ad blocker that causes problems with displaying on AliExpress. Add the AliExpress page to your whitelist.
  3. Check the price history of the selected products – make sure you are not buying at a higher price than necessary.
  4. Add items to your cart.
  5. Get discount coupons on AliExpress (before 11.11.) or use our coupons above.
  6. Check the items in your cart and check if discount coupons have been applied.
  7. Pay – if you can’t pay, try again later. The system is sometimes overloaded. Alternatively, check the limit on your credit card.

6. Important conclusion

In conclusion of this article, we can say that during the 11.11 discount event, you can really shop cheaply. It’s not true what inexperienced shoppers write on social networks, that shopping should be done strictly outside the 11.11 event. You will miss the opportunity to use coupons, coins, and real discounts from fair sellers. If you know how to shop and listen to the tips and advice we’ve been giving you since 2014, any purchase on AliExpress will be beneficial for you.

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