Tigernu waterproof backpack for laptop / MacBook from Aliexpress

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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Have you bought new laptop or MacBook? You will definitely need new quality backpack. Brand Tigernu is very popular and great to protect you new laptop. Ladies will appreciate the beautiful design. Men will be grateful for a lot of storage space for small cables. Let`s see how to find these amazing bags and how they really look like if you buy them on Aliexpress. Sellers offer different sizes and colors. You have to read product details of the backpack otherwise you can buy wrong size for your laptop.

How to find Tigernu backpack on Aliexpress

If you decided to buy Tigernu backpak, now you have to just write in the search window on the aliexpress Tigernu backpack. It will show a couple of different types of backpack from different sellers. It’s just up to you which one you choose.

Tigernu backpack MacBook laptop Aliexpress 13 Tigernu backpack MacBook laptop Aliexpress 13 Tigernu backpack MacBook laptop Aliexpress 13

Best sellers

Guangzhou Tigernu Leather Co.,Ltd. Flagship Store – 5 diamonds, 1 year on the market

Guangzhou Tigernu Leather Co.,Ltd – 4 diamonds

Why to buy Tigernu backpack?

The main benefits are:

  • anti wrinkle

  • sturdy

  • durable

  • anti – thief zipper (only the main zipper)

  • waterproof

  • nylon

Real photos of laptop bags

For women

If you want to buy one of these backpacks for women write to search window Tigernu backpack women. Ladies can also choose from all the bags, it`s just about what you like. These are real photos of backpack for women. Another backpacks for women are here.  There are different colors and sizes too.

Tigernu backpack MacBook laptop Aliexpress pink 9 Tigernu backpack MacBook laptop Aliexpress pink 9 Tigernu backpack MacBook laptop Aliexpress pink 9

For men

Searching for men backpack is similar, you will just write Tigernu backpack men. These backpacks are really great, you can see on real photos below. Check all the nice details. We have really good backpack here.

Tigernu backpack MacBook laptop Aliexpress grey 6      Tigernu backpack MacBook laptop Aliexpress grey 8

Tigernu backpack MacBook laptop Aliexpress grey 7

Cases for your camera

You will notice that this brand also offers cases for the camera. These cases have a large storage space for all lenses, batteries and cameras.

Tigernu backpack MacBook laptop Aliexpress camera case 15

You can buy Tigernu backpack for US $ 28 and this is very good price for that kind of laptop backpack. We recommend you to read these articles about Nike – 5 Tips to identify fake shoes or YETI cups and mugs on Aliexpress. Check our Facebook page Aliexpress Tips & Photos.

Enjoy shopping on Aliexpress!

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