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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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Calvin Klein is very well-known brand in whole world. Original products of Calvin Klein underwear have very good quality. You can buy boxer shorts, panties or g-strings. All the well-known brands always have replicas. Aliexpress sellers offers replicas of CK in very good quality and if you compare the price and quality, it`s  very good deal. We will give you some tips how to find Calvin Klein underwear on Aliexpress.

How to find Calvin Klein on Aliexpress

First tip is that there are some shortcuts of Calvin Klein, for example Caven Cloie, Caini Kaier, Calven Kein, Cailv Kelan, Calven. Or you can type in search window on Aliexpress brands underwear women or men. It will take some time to find good seller, but it is possible. See the pictures below, that`s also the way how to find CK underwear. 

Calvin Klein underwear brand Aliexpress 2         Calvin Klein underwear brand Aliexpress 2

What is the difference between original and fake?

Sometimes it`s hard to tell if it is original product or replica. Try to focus on these details:

  • Original CK underwear is packed in box, Aliexpress sellers will send you panties or boxers just in plastic bag

  • Size of underwear is smaller than original CK

  • Materials are different than the original, but still good (depends on the seller)

  • Stitching or seams is not that perfect as original CK

  • Text “Calvin Klein” can be written in wrong way

Calvin Klein underwear brand women Aliexpress 8

Real photos of fake CK

For women

If you want to buy CK for women write to search window brand women underwear. Sizes are really small, so order bigger size as you normally wear. Material of these g-strings is cotton and they are very comfortable.

Calvin Klein underwear brand women Aliexpress 7

For men

If you are searching for CK for men, write on Aliexpress Underwear Boxers Brand

Calvin Klein underwear brand Aliexpress 2

As you can see fake CK can be also really nice items. It`s always about finding good seller. Price of fake CK panties is about US $ 2 or you can buy package with 5 pieces with mix colors. We recommend you to read these articles about Nike – 5 Tips to identify fake shoes or YETI cups and mugs on Aliexpress. Check our Facebook page Aliexpress Tips & Photos.

Enjoy shopping on Aliexpress!

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