Tutorial 07 – Shipping address on Aliexpress

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If you want the goods to arrive safely, it is necessary to properly fill in your profile Delivery Address.  After log in, you open My Aliexpress item in the top right corner of the screen. First we need to opened our profile. This can be found in left edge of the Shortcuts menu. In here you can find My Shipping Address and than click on it.

Fill requested data

Now you can see a simple form, where you will fill the requested data. You have to write your real name and address.

  • Contact name – fill your name, without accents using English alhpabet.
  • Country – select your country
  • Street adress – type your street and number
  • City – fill the city
  • ZIP/Postal code – fill your postal cone
  • Telephone contact – fill your country code, city code, telephone number

Now you can just click on Save.

If you want to use multiple shipping addresses, then just click on Add to add the same way the other shipping address.

07 - Shipping address on Aliexpress

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