57. Aliexpress Standard Shipping vs Aliexpress Saver Shipping – Difference between shipping methods


There are several different shipping methods on AliExpress, which we can distinguish according to their delivery time and order tracking options. We often use China Post, Hong Kong Post and Cainiao, but AliExpress Standard Shipping has been the most popular form of transportation. There are different variants like AliExpress Saver Shipping or AliExpress Premium Shipping. Although the names are very similar, each has different characteristics. Therefore, in today’s article, we will explain what it is and what benefits these shipments have.

The choice of the right transport is also important for possible control of the customs administration. Due to the change in VAT from third countries in the European Union, this is a very important piece of information for buyers under EU law. You can read more about the change in the VAT law from third countries in our articles.

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Shipping methods and their advantages

All these modes of transport have in common that they are processed by AliExpress in its logistics center. Aliexpress provides greater safety and other advantages over other modes of transport. These are shipments that have agreements with international shipping companies to arrive faster. We will explain their differences.

AliExpress Standard Shipping

This type of shipping is currently one of the most popular on AliExpress as it was one of the first to be offered. If you choose this shipping method, the seller will send your order to the AliExpress logistics center and from there it will be sent to your home, under the control of the Aliexpress itself. To make the transport to your home very fast, AliExpress uses close cooperation with local transport companies.

This shipping method is used for products with a value higher than about $ 5, so a certified shipment with a shipment number is used. The shipment can be easily traced from on Aliexpress page or on external sites such as 17track.net. The package will be delivered through the state postal service and the chances of the package being stopped by customs officers are very small. The package goes through the EU transhipment point, so it would help to avoid customs declarations. It depends on the laws and policies of your state.

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AliExpress Saver Shipping

This is another of the alternative shipments handled by AliExpress. This shipment is becoming more common as an alternative to Cainiao, China Post and other economic shipments. This shipping method is used for products that costs less than about $ 5. You get tracking number and even though it would be the equivalent of a regular China Post shipment (which doesn’t need a signature to receive), it allows tracking. So there are great advantages over shipping via China Post: the seller will be able to check that the product has been delivered, thus avoiding false disputes and having the advantage of being able to track his order.

The seller sends the goods to the Aliexpress warehouse (Cainiao), where the orders are sorted and then sent to the airport for further delivery.
Tracking of Aliexpress Saver Shipping is possible using the number in the international format on the Cainiao website. The number looks like this: ZA000000000HK or ZA000000000LV and allows you to determine the current location of the package.


AliExpress Premium Shipping
This last mode of transport is very difficult to trace because it is used by only a few sellers and is not available in all countries. It is used for products that have a high price or if they are very bulky and heavy. This is another shipping method provided by AliExpress, but in this case it is sent by a private courier such as DHL, FedEx, Seur, UPS… So even if the delivery time is reduced to 7 to 15 days, we would like to inform you that the use of these private couriers increases the risk of receiving our package with surcharges (mainly customs representation by these companies). In addition, the price of this shipment is much higher.


Shipping method Tracking Delivery time Description
AliExpress Standard Shipping Yes 15-20 days Very fast certified shipment, usually arrives on time and one of the most common on AliExpress.
AliExpress Saver Shipping Yes 30 days (15-20 days if the order is combined) Regular shipments, but with tracking, are generally fairly fast (usually arriving long before the estimated date).
AliExpress Premium Shipping Yes 7-15 days Transport by private courier, for a fee. Delivery by any private courier with whom AliExpress has a contract (DHL, FedEx, EMS,…).


Fast delivery: You will receive your orders in less than 10 days

The Aliexpress platform is constantly working to improve conditions for its buyers. One of its latest enhancements is the ability to accept your orders in less than 10 days from China thanks to an AliExpress agreement with various express delivery companies. This will allow you to receive your orders in 3, 5 or 10 business days. All you have to do is filter the search using the “Fast Shipping” option.

Are shipments processed by AliExpress more reliable?

If AliExpress processes the shipment, it is much more difficult for the seller to deceive you or provide you with the wrong tracking number. Shipments processed by AliExpress have fewer complaints and are much more reliable. This does not mean that errors cannot occur. If there is a problem, we recommend opening a dispute on Aliexpress.

Can I complain the order if the seller does not use the promised shipping method? 

This is one of the questions we get quite often. For example, you bought a product that you thought would arrive in a proven way, but the seller decided to send it as a regular package. Can you claim this order? If you have not paid any postage, the seller can actually use another method of transport without being penalized, the important thing is that the goods arrive at your home. If you have paid for shipping, you can request a refund. We recommend that you contact the seller before initiating a dispute. And if you need your order to be sent with a certain type of transport, then write it to the seller in advance.

How to change or select another shipping method?

  1. If the Aliexpress standard shipping option is not automatically selected, you can choose it yourself by clicking on MORE OPTIONS see the picture below.


Aliexpress Standard Shipping Saver doruceni clo tax delivery kde najit DPH 2 sm

2. Choose Aliexpress Standard shipping.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping Saver doruceni clo tax delivery kde najit posta DPH prohlaseni


Be sure to read the article on combined orders as well. You will find a lot of useful information and tips there.

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Have you already received products through the mentioned AliExpress shipping methods? Leave us a comment below.


  1. Aliexpress Standard Shipping, Free Shipping ordered. VAT included in the price.
    But the seller sent via China Post without ISSOS;
    the customs office is again demanding VAT, postage and a large handling fee from me. Can I ask the seller for a refund of my additional costs?

    • Hello, Definitely request refund of money for this VAT and other additional costs. There should be not an issue to refund you this cost as Aliexpres standards shipping transshipment point is in EU.

      Are you from EU conutries right?


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